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The basics and/or fundamental knowledge of using OEM programs
Posted by Technician-26 Skill Level 3 on 06 August 2019 10:36 PM

We do not supported Bluetooth neither we recommend using Bluetooth to diagnose trucks in real time.

NOTE: Every technician should and must know the basics and/or fundamental knowledge of using OEM programs, the first thing one should learn is to be able to diagnose connection problems between laptops and vehicles!

Utilize correctly Interface drivers and tools to detect the correct protocols and options within devices whatever the manufacture of that vehicle interface.
Within such task includes one further down under basics which is the ability of checking for each program default Interface to be the one you are using and the correct terms and protocols as default.

Fail to know or perhaps learn the above and you will come short in many tasks where data-link is at fault and programs sometimes have a mind on their own.

If you would have checked within preferences in the actual program he or she connected and check Preferences in the program that wouldn't connect, perhaps than you will have found your common denominator in which you connected successfully and changed it in real time. Check within your help index and learn...the beauty of OEM programs that information is always at reach within the programs itself. 

Hope this helps!

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