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Support for Windows XP has ended April, 2014 - TSI-1001.03
Posted by Technician-26 Skill Level 3 on 16 September 2014 01:18 AM

Support for Windows XP has ended April, 2014. (Avoid services interruptions)

Windows XP units will be discontinued within all subscription Tiers or Tier maintenance plans. 


  • What would happen if you have a Windows XP unit, and wants to renew with your existent Windows XP unit?

Yes, you could renew your subscription, however the lack of resources and Microsoft not allowing any installation on a Windows XP platform will directly affect you and us, meaning both to keep your system updates, patches, antivirus from running and at some point from installing.

Examples: MSE (Microsoft Essential free antivirus is lost) other options simply interfere with trucks programs and daily use of such. Other instance is that support team resources like Internet explorer version 9, no longer available or capable to be install under a Windows XP system or OS.

  •  Why do we need internet explorer 9, or 10 or 11 or others?

Yes we do, the same purpose you update your unit or system to keep moving forward into the future, better applications, whether they are remote capabilities or simply installing the latest International manuals, etc.


  • If my system is working, and I see no issues, what other purpose may justify the upgrade?

Like we said, lack of resources and possibilities to continue to move forward…time will tell or show when is the right moment to upgrade…sure we don’t like to sound like any other companies that makes us do things simply because they found to be justifiable!

For us, the minute you can’t connect to a truck and reasons are because you have a Windows XP unit, well than you will decide what to do!

In our end, everything is slower when dealing with Windows XP units, and that could also be a business impact on your end as well! We let you be the judge of that!


IMPORTANT: Some charges may apply to Windows XP users wanting to upgrade after next subscription cycle renewal.

Attached you will find a TSI letter we have prepared for our subscribers:

- Support for Windows XP has ended April - TSI-1001.03.pdf

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