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When first you click to open ServiceMaxx I get a pop up login window, why?
Posted by Technician-26 Skill Level 3 on 21 February 2014 01:19 PM

When first you click to open ServiceMaxx I get a pop up  login window, why?


 When first you click to open ServiceMaxx pop’s up  a login window because in the event you were to be an International/Navistar technician, and you have a dyy # and password your could login and you will be using ServiceMaxx Pro with International/Navistar Dealer network connection to calibration servers, etc. 

Most likely independent repair shops are not equipped with a dyy number (Unless they have a fleet dyy number, which it does exist), than simply when at login pop's up window...click on the "Diagnostics" button to enter to ServiceMaxx as none dealer software or better yet "OFFLINE" ServiceMaxx (What we always called “Customer version application software). 

 NOTE: Always to use Nexiq Device tester to make sure a connection to vehicle exist at first, as we know ServiceMaxx will connect automatic once into the program.


In the event you continue to have a communication error, java  error, or any other issues with your ServiceMaxx, please login to your support ticket account and reply to your ticket with the most recent event or issue vs. your existing ticket within your ServiceMaxx subject. (You could also open a support ticket if you reading above instructions outside a ticket reply)

if you need to purchase ServiceMaxx P/N 828009 go to www.dieselsolution.com, if you already have purchased ServiceMaxx from Diesel Solutions Inc. - USA, Miami Florida and having issues register to open a support ticket here: www.support.dieselsolutions.com (make sure to add your ServiceMaxx Order Number anywhere within your support ticket).

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