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HINO EXPLORER DX2 Troubleshooting Discrepancy
Posted by Technician-26 Skill Level 3 on 31 December 2016 10:31 PM

The troubleshooting that it has is the one program installs for model 300/600, early versions had 300/500/700 as shown here:

However the new version only shows 300/600 which in fact numbers does not really go with vehicle models, as shown here:

You have CAB-OVER, CONVENTIONAL & HYBRID vehicles as trucks types, than the numbers I don’t really know what they mean…!

I am as confuse as you on this subject, I will find an answer and get back to you on that, however use 300 for CAB-OVER vehicles types and 600 for the CONVENTIONAL vehicles types. I believed fault codes for engine are not so much related to cab model but to engine. But I can see where is not clear the definition in which we can link truck model with options within the program.

Japan trucks and programs always bring this mix between USA trucks and the rest of the world trucks wording mix.
We will install older version for you to have both and perhaps can connect to older engines with it, Hino Explorer DX2 is less than 2 years old, you are connecting to an older vehicle.

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